• History
    1. >> 2004 XiangMing becomes the first of its kind to produce temporary fencing in China.
    2. >> 2008 The company is granted the right to manage import and export on its own and has seen continuous export growth for several years in a row.
    3. >> 2009 Export sale at XiangMing doubles compared to last year, reaching 40 million RMB.
    4. >> 2011 We have purchased the blow molding machine to produce the temporary fencing feet.
    5. >> 2014 New machinery helps us slash production cost and shortens the delivery cycle by 30%.

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XiangMing fence,
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Safety is on the mind of everyone who is now looking to build a DIY privacy fence or put up a simple steel fence, enclosure, or partition around his homestead, the airport, sports court, factory or construction site. You don't have to break the bank to keep workers, crowds, animals, equipment and traffic safe. Please do rest easy that whatever your wire mesh fence needs, XiangMing always has the right cost-effective metal fence design, tailor made just for you. With more widths, lengths, materials, styles and components than most welded mesh and wire mesh fence suppliers can offer, we at XiangMing have sold our welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, temporary fence, padastrian barrier, field gate, and wire mesh gabion basket to companies and property owners across practically every industry. When you purchase or specify our welded wire mesh or wire mesh fences, please spare some time to browse our fencing components like the steel fence post and temporary fencing feet. Common uses for our steel fences are as the construction fence, landscape fence, highway barrier, temporary fencing, machine guard, security fence, and separation barrier, etc.

Main products
    1. Wire Mesh Fence - Paladin Fence

      Use of Steel Welded Wire Mesh Fence
      Garden fencing.
      Residential Fence.
      Landscaping Fencing.
      Highway Fence.
      Railway Fence.
      Our range of welded wire mesh fence is classified into multiple styles according to the structure design and primary applications. Included are the welded wire fences made of low carbon steel, the double wire fencing with extreme high tensile, the metal mesh fence installed with barbed wire or razor wire to prevent unauthorized climbing, and more.

    1. Temporary Fence - Canadian / American Style

      Material: low-carbon steel.
      Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, PVC coating.
      Uses: Crash barrier, road barrier, guide rail, portable fencing.
      This range of temporary fence is manufactured in strict conformation with industry standards in Canada and America. It is a great way to provide safety and security to construction sites and private courtyards as well as maintain the whole crowd in control during the sports meeting, rock concert, and festive party.

    1. Temporary Fencing Feet

      We can provide Injection Molded Base, Blow Molded Base, Two Part Base.
      Post Hole Size of Temporary Fencing Feet.
      25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm.
      The temporary fence feet are the base of a temporary fencing system. They go by many names. Fence post base and temporary fencing base are just a couple. This selection of metal fence accessories serves to hold the entire fence system tightly in place.

    1. Pedestrian Barrier

      Steel barricade with flat base.
      Hot-dip galvanized pedestrian barrier with bridge base and arched base.
      Spray painted pedestrian guardrail.
      Mesh Size: 1100mm×2100mm
      Our range of pedestrian barrier is a selection of steel barrier designed for crowd control and people flow management. It is a portable solution for public safety protection at public events. The interlocking structural design makes the crowd control barrier easy for connection.

    1. Cattle Panel

      We can provide oval rail, square rail, round rail cattle panel.
      It is easy to set up a cattle fence, horse fence, or styles of livestock fence using metal panel.
      This range of cattle panels is a kind of durable fencing material for building livestock fences such as the cattle fence and horse fence. It can be engineered from oval, square or round tubes. The oval tube version offers the highest strength and safety standard. The square tube version is more durable than the round tube version which is the most economical one.

    1. Welded Wire Mesh Panels

      Categorized by Material:
      Stainless steel wire mesh panel.
      Black annealed wire mesh panel.
      Galvanized welded wire mesh panel.
      PVC coated welded mesh panel.
      According to the raw material and processing technique for welded mesh, our range of welded wire mesh panels is available in stainless steel, galvanized, PVC coated and more versions. It can be used to make wire mesh shelves for sample exhibitions, or wire mesh partitions on construction sites.